Complete Teen Program
When the teen comes to me to start the process of learning how to drive. I always see this bright sparkle in their eyes. The enthusiasm and attentiveness is very powerful. I enjoy being able to not only educate the teach them about everything the driving experience demands from them, but I love bringing them a step closer to independence and becoming an adult. When they leave my instruction, they have all the knowledge they will need to be a Safe, Defensive, Calm and Respectful driver. FYI, you must be 15 and a half years old and complete Drivere Education in order to get a Driving Permit.

Stick Shift Specialist
Many people, including Driving Instructors, can drive a manual transmission. But one must be able to put into words how to Drive A "Stick". This is similar to knowing where you live but you can't put into words to tell someone where you live, you only know the directions how to get there. I can teach you how to drive a manual transmission the proper way, with the proper wording that will help you drive with ease.

Easy & Friendly to Work With
One of my greatest assets with being a teacher and mentor is my Peaceful and Calm nature. I'm not one that promotes drama or negativity. I teach with respect and excellent qualifications to help my students learn quickly, retain what I teach them and help them to bring their own respect to the driving experience.

Drivers Training & Drivers Education Certified
I am the only school in Marin that is qualified to teach both Drivers Education and Drivers Training.. I hold an on-going classroom at Redwood High School in Larkspur, California. Redwood has the facilities and room I need to be the best Drivers Education teacher I can be. FYI, in order to receive a Drivers Training Pre-enrollment certificate, you must pre pay for the first 2 hours of Drivers Training which is 150.00. (Use Pay Pal link on Home Page)

Educated on Latest DMV Information
I am constantly in contact with my colleagues at the Department of Motor Vehicles and Highway Patrol. I stay current with all new laws and ordnances that come into effect and keep updated on roadway and automobile changes that effect the abilities of our drivers safety and capabilities. I am also very concerned about our environment and am continuing my education and research into Green alternatives.

Answers to All Your Questions
With all this said, if you have any questions, please contact me and I will answer your back shortly. Please don't forget to sign up on for our Quarterly Newsletter. Thank you.